About Me

Aloha! My name is Dirte, I've been a knife lover all my life and I started learning to make knives from the master himself, Tom Mayo, in 2012 and have since had the opportunity to work with other skilled craftsmen such as John Gray, Rick Bloomer from Dragoncut and Nalu Boersma to name a few.

A lot of my design influence comes from classic Japanese and European knives.  Video games, movies and nature also give me inspiration for the different designs I make, such as style, shape, colors, handle material I use, etc. I love the outdoors, when I'm not in my workshop I'm out testing my products in the Hawaiian jungles and oceans around it!

I also have a YouTube channel, dirteReviews, where you can see the testing of my own products as well as those made by different companies. I provide my honest opinions in my reviews and encourage any feedback on my products as well. Any way I can learn and improve is always welcomed.

If you have any questions or special inquiries email me at dirte808@gmail.com