Shaka Slaps Paperweight

Regular price $80.00

Sometimes you just gotta throw a shaka at a stack of papers! That’s where this bad boy comes in! Weighted with a lead biscuit, it’s ready to hold down stacks with aloha!🤙🏽

  • 8.5 oz overall weight
  • 7.75” OAL
  • 2.75” wide
  • 0.75” thick
  • Hand stitched with Red Ritza Tiger Thread
  • Chestnut English Bridle leather 
  • Hand stamped Shaka print
  • Red w/ reflective fleck 550 Paracord lanyard


This paperweight/goal reminder is not a toy, you could seriously hurt yourself or another person if not used properly! Please be responsible in choosing the papers you choose to hold down!

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